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Guide: Circulation Information and Policies

Circulation Information


Borrowing Books

Current CBC faculty, staff and students may borrow books from all four of the branch libraries.The catalog is available for searching online here. The catalog includes the print book collection, educational video collection, and electronic books.

Electronic Books: Students use their CougarID to access electronic books and faculty/staff use their email name and password.
Students & Staff
4 book limit
2 week loan period
Renewals allowed
Overdue fines are $0.20 per day per book, up to a $10 per book maximum
Non-returned books and unpaid overdue fines may result in registration and transcript blocks
Students and staff may borrow books from the Circulating, Leisure, and Texana collections.
10 book limit
4 month loan period
Renewals allowed
In addition to the Circulating,Leisure, and Texana Collections, faculty members may also borrow videos from the educational DVD collection for classroom instruction (these are also cataloged in the online catalog-- contact the library to view a list, or come to the Beeville LRC to view the collection) 
**Faculty may also request books from the reference collection to be delivered to the Alice, Kingsville, and Pleasanton campuses for viewing

InterLibrary Loan (ILL): 

ILL is a method that the Library uses to borrow books and request copies of articles from print journals from other libraries
Be prepared to provide the library with complete information, including the ISBN number and edition for the book or the complete article citation for articles
If you need assistance in searching for the correct book information, please contact the librarians, who will be able to assist you in your search
You do not need to provide information about other libraries that may own the book or journal titles, as the library utilizes an automated library catalog search and borrowing system (OCLC WorldCat) to borrow books and request article photocopies
ILL requests may take up to two weeks for commonly held books; longer for less commonly held titles
The loan period and other policies are designated by the lender libraries, not the CBC Library


Requesting Books

Either visit your campus library and have staff request a specific book for delivery for your campus.  If emailing, include your Name, CougarID (Students), or your Office Extension (Employees), Campus for Delivery, Book Title, Author, Year of Publication, Edition (if known), ISBN number (if known).  You will need to check with your campus library to pick up the book. Books that are owned by the CBC Library will be checked out to you according to the policy, ILL books will be according to the lending library's policy. 


Requesting Articles from Journals or Books

Either visit your campus library to request photocopied articles from print journals or photocopied pages from books. Include your Name, CougarID (Students), or your Office Extension (Employees), Campus for Delivery, Journal Title, Article Title, Author(s), Year of publication, Volume, Issue Number, Page Numbers. Students will need to check with your campus library to pick up the copy; Library staff will mail through campus mail for employees.

Other Helpful Resources

 TexShare Cards:TexShare Card

All currently enrolled students have access to the TexShare Card Program.
The TexShare Card Program allows currently enrolled students to obtain a library card each semester that will allow them to check out books from any participating academic or public library in Texas.

In order to qualify for a TexShare Card

  1. Each student must apply for a new card each semester from their local CBC campus library.
  2. Students must not have outstanding fines or overdue books from the CBC library to obtain a TexShare card each semester

In order to obtain a TexShare Card

To obtain a TexShare card students must bring their CBC student ID (also obtained from the library) as well as current course schedule for the semester showing they are currently enrolled.

Students must present their TexShare card to each library's circulation desk to set up an account and borrow books.
Students are responsible for the books they borrow from other libraries.

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