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This guide provides resources for nursing students and instructors.

How to Cite Your Sources

Different disciplines require different citation styles.  Examples are APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.  APA from the American Psychological Association is probably the style you will use in Education.

Citation for Beginners


TypeCite is an accessible citation tool that’s free and easy to use. Our intuitive and powerful software has been designed by experts in the Harvard, MLA, and APA citation systems. TypeCite uses specialist knowledge to provide citations in each of those styles. It is free for anyone to use, with a paid subscription service that offers even more features to support your citation needs.

Citation Websites & Tools


About Citations

MIT provides a great example of the different citations styles:


Citing a source means that you show, within the body of your text, that you took words, ideas, figures, images, etc. from another place.

Citations are a short way to uniquely identify a published work (e.g. book, article, chapter, web site).  They are found in bibliographies and reference lists and are also collected in article and book databases.

Citations consist of standard elements, and contain all the information necessary to identify and track down publications, including:

  • author name(s)
  • titles of books, articles, and journals
  • date of publication
  • page numbers
  • volume and issue numbers (for articles)

Citations may look different, depending on what is being cited and which style was used to create them. Choose an appropriate style guide for your needs.  Here is an example of an article citation using four different citation styles.  Notice the common elements as mentioned above:

Author - R. Langer

Article Title - New Methods of Drug Delivery

Source Title - Science

Volume and issue - Vol 249, issue 4976

Publication Date - 1990

Page numbers 1527-1533

American Chemical Society (ACS) style:

Langer, R. New Methods of Drug Delivery. Science 1990249, 1527-1533.

IEEE Style:

R. Langer, "New Methods of Drug Delivery," Sciencevol. 249pp. 1527-1533SEP 28, 1990.

American Psychological Association  (APA) style:

Langer, R. (1990)New methods of drug delivery. Science249(4976), 1527-1533.

Modern Language Association (MLA) style:

Langer, R. "New Methods of Drug Delivery." Science 249.4976 (1990)1527-33.

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