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This guide provides resources for mathematics students and instructors.

Logging into the Databases

On Campus

To access the databases from ON campus:

 You should not be asked for login credentials if utilizing any of the computers on a Coastal Bend College campus.


Off Campus

To access the databases from OFF campus (this includes Dual Enrollment campuses):

Your login credentials will be as follows:

Username: Your CBC Email (Ex.

Password: Your CBC email password (Ex. Your student ID number)


Additional Help

If you are having trouble logging in, or need additional login credentials, please call (361) 592-1615 Ext. 4084 or (361) 354-2737 or email

Coastal Bend College Library

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Mathematics at Coastal Bend College


The Mathematics Department at Coastal Bend College offers an array of courses in mathematics which fulfill the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board(THECB) core requirements and the Texas Success Initiatives(TSI) for college preparation and degree completion, transfer to 4 year institutions and personal interests. If you are interested in becoming a mathematician, environmental engineer, medical professional, economist, bio-statistician, forensic analyst or you just need to complete a mathematics requirement for your degree, the CBC Mathematics Department has courses you are looking for to help you move forward in that direction. 
Some courses that are offered include: College Algebra, Contemporary Mathematics, Mathematics and Calculus for Business and Economics, Elementary Statistics, PreCalculus and Calculus, as well as Developmental Mathematics. Our faculty enjoy teaching and helping both traditional and non-traditional students to appreciate the field of mathematics as well as gain confidence in their ability to think analytically. We look forward to having you in our classes and helping you reach your goals in mathematics,...because you can.     

Helpful Resources for Mathematics Students


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     Build Your Math Skills                               

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Work on Your Interview Skills, Search for a Career, and More

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Prepare for College Entrance Exams and Search for Scholarships

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           Build a Resume                                               

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Study for the CLEP College Algebra Exam

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Practice your Statistics, Algebra, and More

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