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This guide provides resources for dental hygiene students and instructors.

Dental Hygiene Programs at Coastal Bend College

  • Dental Hygiene


    The Coastal Bend College Dental Hygiene Program philosophy is to improve the oral health of all people and to empower them to maintain optimum oral health.  The American Dental Association Accreditation Standards for Dental Hygiene Education are the foundation by which the program teaches students to effectively and ethically serve the public as oral health care professionals.  


    The mission of the Coastal Bend College Dental Hygiene Program is to produce ethically qualified dental hygiene graduates who are actively committed to improving the oral health of the public, and can function effectively as health care professionals in a constantly changing society.  


    The vision of the Coastal Bend College Dental Hygiene Program is a school of well-qualified and demographically represented students and professional educators.  Program quality is reflected by high student retention rates and high success rates on licensure examinations.  Adequate funding, state-of-the-art equipment, a service-learning relationship with local and surrounding communities, and liaison with other health professionals act to sustain program quality.  


    1. Prepare students through appropriate academic and clinical education, to be qualified dental professionals   

    2. Provide comprehensive dental hygiene treatment to those communities serviced by the program through a complete, sequential, and fully monitored system of care   

    3. Create a positive and rewarding academic environment that facilitates continued growth and enrichment of all students and faculty   

    4. Foster opportunities for faculty and student involvement in service activities that are consistent with personal development goals and that promote dentistry as an integral component in the overall health and welfare of the community

Helpful Resources for Dental Hygiene Students


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