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This guide provides resources for automotive students and instructors.

Automotive Programs at Coastal Bend College

Automotive Technology
Training in the Automotive Program prepares a student with skills and knowledge for employment as an entry-level automotive technician. Training is in various phases of automotive technology including engines, electrical, autotronics, suspension systems, power trains, air-conditioning, and tune-up. The student will also complete a course in the use of microcomputers. Shop experiences include automotive work typical of work done in and automotive repair shop. Level 1 and Level II Certificates and an Associates in Applied Science Degree are awards available in this program. In order to graduate, the student must pass the required courses and Capstones for the applicable degree plan. 


Helpful Resources for Automotive Students


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      Get a CDL License                             

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Work on Your Interview Skills, Search for a Career, and More

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Prepare for College Entrance Exams and Search for Scholarships

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           Build a Resume                                               

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Get information for Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

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Build a Model Car