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This guide provides resources for architecture & civil engineering students and instructors.

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Architecture & Civil Engineering Programs at Coastal Bend College

  • Architecture & Civil Engineering

    The student seeking an AAS in Drafting and Design Technology will receive an industry driven foundation in general drafting principles and theory of design applications. The student will be provided with knowledge of various procedures for developing a design and the application of drafting principles for each specific drafting discipline common to the profession. Graduates of the program will be competent in architectural, mechanical, technical illustration, pipe, topographical, structural, CAD, strength of materials, instrumentation, GIS, and descriptive geometry drafting methods. The program prepares the student to enter into the field of Drafting & Design as a

    beginning level Drafter or CAD Technician. Additionally, this field of study also prepares the student for entry and intermediate levels in careers of pipe design and GIS as well as other graphic design related fields.

    How much will it cost?

    In addition to tuition and fees, students will be required to pay laboratory fees for courses requiring labs. These fees are based on materials, consumables, and supplies required for the particular lab. Lab fees may vary due to an individual’s ability and materials required by the course labs. Lab fees for particular courses are listed in course syllabi and based on the average student completing the course. Contact course instructor for more information on lab fees. 

Helpful Resources for Architecture & Civil Engineering Students


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