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Guide: Off-Campus Access

OpenAthens Access



Use Academic Search Complete, ERIC, and JSTOR for English criticism 

while Allied Health students use CINAHL and PUBMED

These individual databases are listed below in alphabetical order A-Z

(LibGuides on our About the Library page provide detailed resource lists by subject and Copyright/plagiarism info)

Type username:cbc  password: Guest (capital G) to access online resources

unless you activated your OpenAthens account in the Fall go here.

When selecting sources remember to consider CRAPP (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose of the journal or article)

Also, we are adding new resources in the boxes on each side of this page almost daily to provide academic support as well as to provide resources for children who may be home with you, to connect you with free books and databases that you can use from home, to connect you to mental health support and all things library. 

We miss seeing you and look forward to seeing you again when campuses are reopened.

  If you have a question - email  Ray or Sarah here:

Online Resources

Off-Campus resources can be accessed by any Student, Staff, or Faculty member that has access to an institutional email account. Currently, everyone types in this username and password if you have not previously activated an OpenAthens account:

Username: cbc

Password: Guest

If you are a visitor at CBC and you would like access to our resources, please utilize our resources while on campus. CBC Library off-campus resources are not accessible to visitors.

Corona Virus valid information sources and safety tips

Free online books, games, puzzles, read-alongs and more for parents during the health crises

Virtual Library Tours of Amazing Libraries around the world

The National Emergency Library

Resources including the Talking Book Program and the Disability Information and Resource Center

Children's resources

More health related information, including mental health services

TED TALKS Hear from experts on a wide variety of topics

How to help local food banks and hospitals

Cybersecurity resource- threats are up during the pandemic

Read the bestselling book from the year you were born

More amazing virtual tours of famous museums

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing resource from PurdueGlobal

Teddy Bear hunting around the world helps bored kids

KEDT and TEA offer resources for children doing distance learning

How to keep College environment while all online learning

Developing a vaccine for Corona virus - How many? How much? When?

Airline travel in the post quarantine era

Willie Nelson celebrates turning 87!

Texans and unemployment

Blood plasma treatment

Dogs being trained to detect COVID-19 at University of Pennsylvania

Hospice Hotline for treatment of COVID patients at home

Restaurants becoming stores to remain open

How often do viruses emerge annually?

Airline travel and financial issues

Murder Hornet mania

Super Moon May 7

National Nursing Week is May 6 - May 12

Clearing up confusion about COVID-19

New visual connections learning resource for any age

Juneteenth Holiday explained

Buck Moon in July 2020

Op Ed: How to modify College education in 2020 so it works

Joseph Boulogne is known as the Black Mozart

Celebrating the women's right to vote - 100 years

Constitution Day Sept 17, 2020

Databases A-Z

Complete A-Z Listing of all datatabases or click below:

A  | B  | C  | D  | E  | F  | G  | H  | I  | J  | K  | L  | M  | N  | O  | P  | Q | R  | S  | T  | U-V-W  | X-Y-Z | 0-20












There are no 'K' resources







There are no 'Q' resources






There are no 'X-Y-Z' Resources


Feeling Anxious? Call the Disaster Distress Hotline

Genealogical resources available at the Texas State Library for everyone

Open Source (free) resources for college students including databases, books (audio and ebook) and newspapers to help you complete your assignments

Nursing shortages expected - career opportunities in Texas

Sources to help you avoid misinformation on COVID-19

Virtual tours of museums, zoos, planetariums and watch concerts

Evaluating resources and tips for constructing searches

Resources from home for challenged students

Presidential Authority during times of Emergency

Good deeds help everyone ... celebrate and participate

Library of Congress has a new app for you to access their digital collections

Why do we feel more tired working from home?

Coping activities to support children with stress

Border wall construction update and issues

Farming issues and new aid package during COVID-19

Harper Lee author of To Kill a Mockingbird

Female scientists: Gerirude Elion

Admissions and acceptance deadlines extended for colleges and universities

Famous female scientists: Rosalind Franklin

Broadway celebrates Stephen Sondheim

National Teachers Week is the first full week in May

Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday May 5

Famous female scientists Mamie Phipps Clark

Quarantine fatigue perspectives

New Gerber baby

Lose of 1.4 million allied health jobs in April

National Center for Disaster Preparedness plan for phased reopening of the U.S.

Can I catch COVID-19 from surfaces? Latest thoughts - May 28

Worldwide protest over recent police brutality and related deaths

The 19th Amendment - 100 year anniversary August 26, 2020

Renaming of Army bases? Five Women of importance

Smithsonian resources on democracy for July 4th

International Student news

Digital resources on Democracy from the Smithsonian

September 11 2001

Smithsonian Magazine article on long history of "fake news"

International Booker Prize 2020 shortlist

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