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Guide: Off-Campus Access

OpenAthens Access



Use Academic Search Complete, ERIC, and Gale Databases for English criticism 

while Allied Health students use CINAHL, HealthSource/Nursing edition, Medline, and PUBMED

These individual databases are listed below in alphabetical order.

(LibGuides on our About the Library page provide detailed resource lists by subject (for example: welding, nursing, psychology, English Criticism and copyright/plagiarism info)

When selecting sources remember to consider CRAAP (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose of the journal or article)

Also, we are always adding new resources in the boxes on each side of this page to provide further academic support to you, resources for your children, to connect you with free books and databases, and to connect you to mental health support 

  If you have a question - email  Ray or Sarah here:

We read these messages during open hours (see About the Library )



Select a database to search from the alphabetical list running down the middle of this page below. We recommend Academic Search Complete but there are many databases to choose from. It is the first on the list directly below the letter A.

Type username: cbc  password: Guest (capital G) to access online resources when prompted

if you get the message Your connection is not private, click on ADVANCE (below and left of the message) and then click PROCEED to get into the database (like Academic Search Complete).

Ignore any other directions about your user name and password that you see


1. Choose a type of database groups to search such as Academic, Business, Education depending on the subject you are researching.

2. Choose which individual databases to search. You can select all of the listed databases but we suggest limiting your search to Academic Search Complete and Ebooks (the first two choices). To do this click the boxes next to these then click on the yellow Continue button at the top of the page. 

3. Notice that you have search options listed below the search line - Basic Search or Advanced Search. Enter your search terms (name of a person, relevant terms found in your textbook,  ect) in the search line, EX: literary criticism Rose for Emily or nursing ethics or contemporary art then click the green SEARCH button.

4. To reduce your search results (hits) scroll down the left hand side of the screen (below Search Options) where you will see Limit Your Results. Select Peer Reviewed (which means an expert in the field wrote the article or book) and watch results recalculate, and Full Text (you will see the whole journal article or whole ebook rather than a summary) and watch your results become more pinpointed (fewer). You want top reduce the number of hits because you will have to review each one to select your sources for citation in your paper.

5. You can further limit hits by publication date or by language. You can search and get results in several languages including Spanish!! We suggest that you try to reduce results (hits) to 10 or less to reduce the amount of time you have to spend reading each article or chapter of a book. 

6. You can still further limit your hits by specifying a search field, EX: select title so get results for your search terms only when they appear in the title of the article or e-book or select subject for your search terms only when they are the subject of the resulting list of resources.    If you do not select a field it will search all fields including title, author, subject and other listed choices.

If you select Advanced Search you can also limit your results by using AND at the beginning of the search line when multiple search words are used so all results include ALL of your search terms, EX: Protests AND 2020 or nursing ethics AND hospitals.  The resulting list will include resources that must include BOTH search terms (or multiple search terms). This is a way to streamline your search so it saves you time.

If you have any questions, please call the Library at 361-354-2737 Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm and we will guide you through your search over the phone. We are here to help you. Good luck with your research!

Online Resources

Off-Campus resources can be accessed by any Student, Staff, or Faculty member that has access to an institutional email account. Currently, everyone types in this username and password. 

Username: cbc

Password: Guest

If you are a visitor at CBC and you would like access to our resources, please utilize our resources while on campus. CBC Library off-campus resources are not accessible to visitors.

Free online books, games, puzzles, read-alongs and more for parents looking for fun educational stuff!

Virtual Library Tours of Amazing Libraries around the world

The National Emergency Library

Resources including the Talking Book Program and the Disability Information and Resource Center

Children's resources

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Read the bestselling book from the year you were born

More amazing virtual tours of famous museums

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing resource from PurdueGlobal

KEDT and TEA offer resources for children doing distance learning

Blood plasma treatment

Dogs being trained to detect COVID-19 at University of Pennsylvania

How often do viruses emerge annually?

Murder Hornet mania

Children involved in Civil Rights Campaign

Library of Congress oral History Project on the Civil Rights movement

The Electoral College explained in brief

Relax watching animals on camera around the world

What is this group Antifa I've been hearing about?

Black History - the Struggle for Freedom - a new website

An explanation of failure of TX main power grid

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Can wind turbines function during freezing weather?

COVID TRACKING PROJECT - numbers tell the story and are explained

Race and Race Relations- a new Smithsonian resource

Asian American history and author lists

The costs of vaccine fears

Literary Inventions

Women in History: Ida B. Wells Co-founder NAACP

Police - a history in America

An explanation of Corporate tax cuts and the ramifications to our economy

April 15 An important day in history

April 17 is International Haiku Poetry Day -part of National Poetry Month in April

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National Bike to Work dates

Ten Museums for people that don't like visiting Museums

Celebrating Juneteenth

World Sea Turtle Day is June 16!

What are our federal holidays?

June is Pride month

Databases A-Z

Complete A-Z Listing of all datatabases or click below:

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There are no 'K' resources







There are no 'Q' resources






There are no 'X-Y-Z' Resources


Feeling Anxious? Call the Disaster Distress Hotline

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Coping activities to support children with stress

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Famous female scientists: Rosalind Franklin

Famous female scientists Mamie Phipps Clark

Lose of 1.4 million allied health jobs in April 2020

Worldwide protest over recent police brutality and related deaths June 2020

Renaming of Army bases? Five Women of importance

Digital resources on Democracy from the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Magazine article on long history of "fake news"

Historic Marches in Washington D.C. from 1963 to today

Videos and resources on counting the vote in history

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome tips

Paint made from dirt allow for new color palettes

Did the politics of small government contribute to the recent TX energy crisis

New Orleans House Floats for Mardi Gras and information

DNA vs Race

Culture : Operas streaming from the Metropolitan Opera

Child poverty in the U.S.

Spring Bird migration - "Lights Out in Texas" project

Teens write about how COVID isolation has effected them

Tour Gloria Steinem's historic NY city apartment with the Smithsonian

Celebrate National Parks Week April 17-25 2021

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A Supreme Court decision regarding the Open Web

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Juneteenth - the newest federal holiday

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The Trevor Project

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