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Guide: Library Events and Displays

Library Events

Display September 2021
Banned Books!
celebrate on campus and online
It's time to get outside and exercise, garden, and enjoy gatherings with family and friends!
New Students we encourage you to have your Cougar ID taken as soon as possible
Returning students can use their existing ID call 361-354-2737 Mon-Fri 8-5
if you have any questions on how to get an online ID
Bank Mobile will separately mail a credit card (your Cougar Card ) for financial aid disbursement 2-4 weeks later in a green envelope. If you are staying in the dorms you should list that address.

Call 361-354-2737 for answers to ID questions and more. For any textbook questions call the Bookstore at 361-354-2290. 

 You can come in to have your picture taken for either your Cougar ID or clinical badge in
Beeville at the Library located in the Grady C. Hogue Bldg   Monday-Thursday from 7 am - 6 pm
Have a great semester!!  
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