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Faculty Resources & Services: Linking Directly to Online Resources

Library Resources and services for Faculty

How to Link to Online Resources


Library Databases and Linking

It is possible to create a link in Blackboard or on your web page to directly connect to eBrary books, various database journals, and documents.

A note regarding access: the library uses an authentication service (EZProxy) to allow internet access through the library's web page. All links to subscription databases (everything on the Library Online Resources page) must have this link:[insert web page link here].


Quick guide to getting started on ebrary here (ebrary)

1. First conduct a search

2. Click on book

3. Do not copy this URL -  but make a note of the DocID - or copy the DocID

4. Use this URL with the DocID (copy and paste):

5. You will get a long URL like this:


Additional Training and Resources from JSTOR

1. Conduct search
2. JSTOR now records a stable URL in search results:
If you click on the article you will need to also click on item information:

Item Information:

3. Copy and paste the Stable URL along with the proxy URL to create a link:

Literature Online

Literature Online Resources for Teachers

1. Conduct Search
2. Click the Durable URL link to the article

3. Click on the Durable URL
4. Copy and paste the Stable URL along with the proxy URL to create a link:

EBSCOhost Databases

EBSCOhost training support site provides training for specific databases

EBSCO maintains a permalink: a persistent link on every document or item record. Copy and paste it along with the proxy URL:
ebscohost screen shot

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