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Student Badges

Student Badges

Student Badges can be obtained for programs such as Nursing, Welding, Cosmetology, and more. Ask your Instructor or refer to your program's Student Handbook to see if the following information is relevant to you.

Badges can be obtained from any of the four library branch locations.

Please bring documentation that shows your Student Identification Number as well as your current enrollment in the program.

Student, Faculty and Staff ID Cards

See your campus library to obtain a Student, Faculty, or Staff ID / Cougar Card. Click here for more information.

Helpful Information for Students

Any refund money you're entitled to can be sent to your card

Activate your card by calling the 1-800 number on the back 24 HOURS AFTER it is printed

Agree to have your refund sent electronically by logging into Campus Connect, clicking on Student Info-Demographic Data-Look for "Do you want to receive your refunds electronically?"-Click Yes

If you lose your card and need a replacement, you must visit the Business Office and pay a $10 fee before getting another

If your electronic consent and activation of card are not configured before the disbursement date, you will receive a paper check in the mail for any refund money

If you are under 18, you do NOT qualify to receive your refund electronically

Cougar ID

Cougar ID Login and Password For Students

The Cougar ID is your login and password for Internet applications at CBC. The Cougar ID will let you log in to Blackboard, Library Online Resources, student email, and wireless access for laptops (available on all campuses).


How do you get one?

Your Cougar ID (username) is your last name and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

Ex: Garcia1111

Your Password is your Student Identification Number with no dashes. 

Ex: 111009999


Student Identification Number

Coastal Bend College assigns you a Student ID number when you apply. It is printed on your Registration Statement when you enroll. You can also access your Student ID number through Campus Connect, found on the top right of the webpage. For more information on how to log into Campus Connect and what it is click here.


Cougar ID Login and Password for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff will log in with their EMAIL user name and password.  This is set up for you as a new employee.  Please contact Erica Castillo at the Help Desk for assistance (361.354.2522).  If you are adjunct faculty, then you must ask your division chair to request a college email account for you from Computer Services.  When you are working on campus, you may also use the On Campus Access (new window) links.


Resources for Students with Cougar ID


All students have access to a student email account while enrolled at CBC. The email URL is  Your email is your Cougar ID name plus 


Library Online Resources

All students have access to Library Online Resources while enrolled at CBC. The CBC Learning Resources Center & Library purchases online article and book databases that are restricted to currently enrolled students. Access the Library Online Resources here.


For students enrolled in Internet courses, CBC provides access to Blackboard. Blackboard is the portal for your Internet-based classroom. Other faculty use it to provide class information for traditional courses, as well. Access Blackboard here.

Wireless Internet for Laptops

Students at all campuses have access to wireless Internet access on their personal laptop or notebook computers (with a wireless card). Once the laptops are properly configured, students sign in to the Internet with their Cougar ID.  Faculty and staff sign in with their Email login and social security number.  Read about configuring your laptop for CBC wireless here.